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  • Wilolesi Hilltop Hotel
    From $ 80

    Wilolesi Hilltop Hotel

    Tucked away in the peaceful granite hills of Wilolesi, take a stroll through our gardens.

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  • Igumbilo Hilltop Hotel
    From $ 80

    Igumbilo Hilltop Hotel

    Igumbilo Hilltop Hotel is an amazing getaway location yet equally as handy for a traveling guest.

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  • Flamingo Safari Lodge
    From $ 100

    Flamingo Safari Lodge

    Flamingo Safari Lodge is located on the outskirts of Karatu town about 20 kms from Lake Manyara National Park and 20 kms from Ngorongoro Crater, a 100 meters (100m) from the road on the way to Serengeti Nationa ...

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  • Fanaka Campsite & Lodge
    From $ 60

    Fanaka Campsite & Lodge

    Fanaka is a new vibrant and perfect service provider in hospitality and tourism industry specifying in camping and lodges.

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  • Twiga Campsite and Lodge
    From $ 40

    Twiga Campsite and Lodge

    Twiga Campsite and Lodge is justifiably the most popular of the locally-run lodges in Mto wa Mbu.

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  • Millennium Old Post Hotel
    From $ 180

    Millennium Old Post Hotel

    Millennium Old Post Hotel is the latest addition to Bagamoyo hospitality industry.

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  • Charity Hope Lodge
    From $ 25

    Charity Hope Lodge

    Charity Hope Lodge is a newly constructed premier hotel with world wide acclaim, which maintain affordable costs in order to accommodate people of low and middle class.

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  • Victorious Perch Hotel
    From $ 55

    Victorious Perch Hotel

    Victorious Perch Hotel is a newly constructed modern hotel fitted with the latest amenities of international standard.

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  • Katoma Hill Hotel
    From $ 50

    Katoma Hill Hotel

    Katoma Hill Hotel is designed in a modern manner to facilitate your best inerest.

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  • Malaika Beach Resort
    From $ 180

    Malaika Beach Resort

    Malaika Beach Resort is built on an imposing rock foundation with stunning views over Lake Victoria shoreline.

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  • Tembo Beach Resort
    From $ 30

    Tembo Beach Resort

    Tembo Beach Resort is an excellent choice for foreigners and locals with simple but very neat rooms just besides the Lake Victoria shore.

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  • Peninsula Hotel
    From $ 180

    Peninsula Hotel

    This hotel which was one of the best in the town, has reasonable rooms, water facilities and more calm comparing to other s in the town center.

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  • Mara Paradise Hotel
    From $ 30

    Mara Paradise Hotel

    Mara Paradise Hotel is ideally located besides Victoria Lake, about 5 km from the Musoma town center on the way to Mwanza, and few meters from Musoma Bus Terminal.

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  • Lenana Hotels Ltd.
    From $ 60

    Lenana Hotels Ltd.

    Nestled in enchanting town in leafy suburb of Bwiru Pasiansi, Lenana Hotel provides perfect accompaniment to your stay in “the lake rock city“ whether it is for accompaniment to your stay, business, ...

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  • Mercury Hotel
    From $ 50

    Mercury Hotel

    Mercury Hotel is a new urban and Cosmopolitan Hotel, It is located along Arusha – Nairobi High way, Opposite to white rose bar, about 200mts from the main road.

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  • Precious Inn Hotel
    From $ 30

    Precious Inn Hotel

    Precious Inn for Precious stay.

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  • Karibu Heritage House
    From $ 45

    Karibu Heritage House

    Karibu Heritage House is Nestled on the foothills of Mount Meru in Arusha, Karibu heritage House will enchant you with the natural beauty of its surroundings.

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  • Kilemakyaro Mountain Lodge
    From $ 140

    Kilemakyaro Mountain Lodge

    Kilemakyaro Mountain Lodge, located at the slopes of Mt.

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