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  • Sable Mountain Lodge

Our tented rooms include 2 honeymoon suites described as probably the best value rooms in SelousĀ (Authentic Tanzania). Our tented rooms are all open fronted raised off the ground so the feeling is that you are completely at one with the surroundings and have a wonderful, unobstructed view from your bed. All our rooms are very private and in keeping as much with the natural bush surroundings as possible. Sable Mountain is not a manicured camp. The aim was for it to blend with the bush.

We have two tented honeymoon suites elevated on a wooden platform on top of one of the Beho Beho Hills at Sable Mountain Lodge. These are located away from the rest of the camp and afford total privacy and spectacular views. Each suite is open faced so you can lie in bed and gaze out at the bush. A screen can be closed if the calls of the wild sound a little too close.

Sable Mountain Lodge began its life in 1999 as four stone cottages and a small restaurant & bar. Built entirely by the Tent with a View team, most are still with the company today. The Majority of the Sable team comes from the nearby village of Kisaki, upon whose land the lodge is built.

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