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Who needs a time travelling machine to go back in time while one can just visit stone town? Also referred to as “Mji MKongwe”, a town where history has experienced a stand still. Stone town tour gives one an opportunity to relive and retrace the steps of our ancestors during the colonial era.

The narrow alleys and streets that intertwine and connect the whole island of Zanzibar pose not only architectural beauty but also carries with them a lot of colonial history. As you walk or cycle through these narrow streets you can’t miss the appealing bazaars, mosques without forgetting the grand Arabic dwellings. These structures were built under the influence of different culture from Arabic, Persian, European, African and a touch of Hindu. Most of the Arabic dwellings can be told apart from the rest by the brass carved wooden doors which are all of different designs and variety.

Guided by a tour guide (mostly a local) expect to laugh and cry as he gives you insight into not only the funny but also sad stories of the colonial era. Apart from just stories from the guide you will get to see where the sultan and his empire ruled the island from i.e. the Sultans Palace (palace museum). You will also get to visit the house of wonders (tallest building in Zanzibar), old fort (ngome kongwe), Persian baths, old dispensary, David Livingstone’s house and many others. It is all smiles till one gets to the Anglican cathedral which used to one of the biggest slave markets, get to see the slave chambers, where they were wiped and auctioned. After the laughs and a bit of sadness you will have a Swahili meal prepared in the simplest of ways.

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